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Weird Page Jump

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Weird Page Jump

I'm still getting used to the new look but this page jump I keep experiencing is just weird. If I'm doing a forum search (in desktop mode on a Android mobile) and I click on a searched link, it takes to me the page in regular view. Ok. Fine. But if I click on 'desktop view' it kicks me up to the second page of the searched result thread every single time. This is really annoying. 

Gardening until June 2019

Starting FICOs: EX 623, EQ 589, TU 600 (06/10/17)
Current FICOs: EX 697, EQ 672, TU 700 (06/18/18)
1st Goal FICOs: EX 750, EQ 750, TU 750 (??/??/??)
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