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macro request....

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macro request.... there any way that you would consider changing the macro options to include the ability to change font, text size, add images, etc???
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Re: macro request....

Dog, at this point in time we do not have the ability to control that. However, it is possible to input this yourself through HTML.

To change font size, you can write <font size=+NUMBER> to make it larger or <font size=-NUMBER> to make it smaller. You will always want to close it with an </font> tag.

Here are a couple of examples:

<font size=+2>Example of Font Size +2</font>
<font size=-2>Example of Font Size -2</font>

If you know the name of the text style you'd like to use, you can change the font by using the <font face="FONT_NAME"> tag. It works exactly the same as the examples above.

Here's an example:

<font face="times new roman">Example of Times New Roman</font>

If you would like to combine the two, it would look like this:

<font size=+2 face="times new roman">Example of Font Size +2 and Face Times New Roman</font>

To add an image, you can use the <img src="URL"> tag.

Here's an example:

<img src="">
- I borrowed this image from MyFICO.

It's also possible to add a link.

<a href="">Here is a link</a>

looks like:

Here's a link

It is of course possible to put the link on either sides of the image tag to link to a website with the image. For that, you would put the tag for the image in the space where "Here's a link" is currently.

I hope that lays out a little more information about the macros and how you can get around us not having a graphical editor for the macros!


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Re: macro request....

wow, thanks a lot for the info, raine.  i appreciate it.
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