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2nd failed attempt at getting MyFico credit monitoring service

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2nd failed attempt at getting MyFico credit monitoring service

As a starting point please do not consider this a complaint of any sort. This is a very interesting situation, at least to me it is. Anyhow on Sept 27th I ordered a 3b report, paid my fee and was able to see my reports along w the various scores. 48 hrs later myfico sends me an email indicating I am getting a refund. I called cs and they indicated that I do not have enough creditors reporting to all 3 CRA's. The rep said I should try again but that in order to obtain monitoring I need at least 3 cc companies to report to the 3 CRA's. At first I was confused bc I have at least 15 accounts all in good standing plus other types of loans that range from personal to auto to mortgage. What I did not realize is that if I don't use the cards they may not report to the CRA's. On Oct 6th I ordered another 3b report and once again got my report and the various scores. I made notes and called cs. This time the rep helped see exactly what was reporting to all 3. From looking at what was vs what wasn't reporting to the CRA's. I was dumfounded! While my cc's had 0% balances the cc companies had no need I guess to send reports to the CRA's. I currently have 2 cc companies reporting to the CRA's. You need at least 3. The rep suggested I use my cards and leave small balances like 1%. The rep said once I have at least 3 accounts reporting to CRA's the monitoring service could be ordered. She also stated that  w cc usage, paying ontime, keeping my cc utlization low my scores would more than likely increase. Have any of you been in the same senario? If so what did you end of doing?

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Re: 2nd failed attempt at getting MyFico credit monitoring service

I'm running into a similar issue with just one specific CRA saying I need at least SIX months of activity, yet when I log into their system I see recent activity.

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