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Avangate + Payment processing (Suspected Fraud)

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Avangate + Payment processing (Suspected Fraud)

I just noticed a charge for $14.95 from, which upon looking them up and calling their support line, turns out is actually from MyFICO. I guess MyFICO now uses them as a payment processor. I was about to file a fraud dispute on that charge.

Can someone confirm this is MyFICO?


If it is, I would definitely ask that the statement descriptor sent over for the charge be updated to reflect that it's a MyFICO payment (as it used to be). I'm sure other folks are probably seeing it and getting very suspicious as well.

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Re: Avangate + Payment processing (Suspected Fraud)

Thanks. I was about to go dispute the charge until I realized it was the same amount and date as the myfico subscription. That's when I started googling and found this post. I t would be nice to be notified of changes like this.
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