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Customized fomula scores

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Customized fomula scores

Would be really nice if we could buy not just the standard fico formula scores, but also ones generated using the customized ones (e.g. mortgage enhanced, bank card, etc)
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I think this would be great, too, though I know there are...

I think this would be great, too, though I know there are a dizzying quantity of FICO scores for special markets.

I also think it would be helpful to have more information on other profiles (other than Classic Risk) so that the question doesn't keep coming up on consumer credit-related boards as to whether their "real" FICO score is the one they pull off or the one the car dealer pulled for them (answer: they both are).

In my opinion, it'd be a nice surcharge for a regular report.
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Industry Option Scores

I agree with you that having the other versions of FICO scores, known as 'Industry Option' scores, would be good for consumers who want to see the scores lenders actually use in their lending decisions.  These are variations on the FICO scores used primarily by auto and bankcard lenders.  Until now we really haven't seen enough of a demand from consumers but perhaps if more people wrote in requesting them, we might be able to offer these scores in the future.
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