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Error in myfico app


Error in myfico app

So I get alerts on any changes as some do, I got a few alerts today that showed a Transunion score increase of +14pts (in green) 


But instead of the beacon scores at the top increasing +14pts, it was reduced (in red, -14pts). 


I mailed customer service, hope they can find the error. Anyone else see any whacky math in the app? 


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Re: Error in myfico app

Hello, @HoustonRiderADP Vantage 


It seems you’ve encountered an issue with the myFICO app. Let’s break it down:


Alerts Discrepancy: You received alerts indicating a Transunion score increase of +14 points (in green). However, the beacon scores at the top decreased by 14 points (in red).
Possible Explanations:
Time Zone Difference: One user in a forum suggested that the alerts (+16) might be from the previous day (7/27), while the -16 could be from today (7/28), accounting for time zone differences.
Delayed Updates: The myFICO app can sometimes be behind by a day, and the scores and reasons given may be 24 hours or more apart.
Alerts vs. Score Changes: myFICO alerts don’t necessarily correlate directly with score changes. Alerts trigger based on specific events, but the score change might reflect other factors not monitored by the alert.
You’ve already taken the right step by contacting customer service. They should be able to investigate the discrepancy and provide clarity.


Remember, credit scores can be complex, and sometimes even the best apps have their quirks! 

Best Regard,


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