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How meaningful are Darkweb alerts?

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How meaningful are Darkweb alerts?

Just signed up for myFICO Premier 2 days ago.  I'll buy a month here and there intermittantly. So far the Identity Analysis black market website scan shows a green checkmark congratulating no results found, which is still currently true.  And yet today I got several alert emails (that appear on the alerts tab) as darkweb matches. 


I checked the alerts.  There's 4, two are for me, two are a family member (in my report?).  The only info listed in them is public records info you can get in a phone book (name, address, phone number), plus a DOB (which isn't accurate in any of them), and a field called "id" which I don't know if that means alert record ID, or is supposed to be an id number, but if it's an id number isn't a number I recognize from anything in particular. It doesn't name a source or any particular information that tells me what the info even came from.


I assume virtually everybody is findable on the darkweb.  Who hasn't been in a compromised leak of something, even most state tax authorities have leaked?  But inaccurate public records info doesn't seem particularly nefarious.  You could get more reliable info from a Google search. But I'm mostly wondering how I'm both getting darkweb alerts while also seeing a green checkmark saying there's no darkweb hits?

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