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Incomplete Order - Therefore No Cacellation Process

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Incomplete Order - Therefore No Cacellation Process

I had just signed up for the 10 day trial and I was not able to authenticate my identity and advised to call in. I decided to not go forward with anything after reading such hassle some of the people go through with this site. I was actually really paranoid I'd become victim to being charged $14.95 for 3 Months soon. However, the first time I called I had recieved a CSR within minutes whom was very friendly! She told me that since I wasn't able to authenticate my identity the order was incomplete and that I won't be charged. There was nothing to cancel. She also informed me that my myFIco account can't be deleted.


Then looking at the email confirmation that came with an order # of the 10 day trial purchase, I had to make sure the order was incomplete. It didn't really make sense to send such confirmation when I hadn't fully completed an order. Ha, just me being paranoid, I called them a second time. I had again recieved a CSR within minutes who was just as friendly as the first! She again, informed me the same thing, I won't be charged because the order was incomplete. At the end of the conversation, I made sure that my myFico account genreally can't be cancelled, only the subscriptions in which you try to purchase on the account can. She said, yes. I was actually really impressed with customer service despite some of the posts I've read, but we'll just have to see how truly satisfied I am when the 10 day trial expires on the 24th and if their word was true.


So for those in the same situatiIon, I hope this post really helped you out in some way. Though I've read similar posts, none of the authors came back with an update on whether things worked out for them or not. I will be updating it again on the 24th to confirm that I was not charge, lets hope for the best because I appreciated both of those ladies on the phone who provided awesome service. Smiley Happy

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