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MyFICO Report Format

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MyFICO Report Format

Would anyone know if the format for the one bureau report has changed ?  They look different to me and have much less data - used to be a section of " how lenders see you ", etc.  

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Re: MyFICO Report Format

mmm, I haven't pulled one in awhile, so Im sorry I can't help here. Hopefully someone will chime in.
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Re: MyFICO Report Format

It has changed and I think it looks horrible. Who thought this was a good idea? Harder to read and a bit less information or it's spread out. But the price is the same lol. My report from today is THIRTY FIVE (35) PAGES! My awesome report that's exceedingly easy to read and gather info at a glance is a whopping FIFTEEN (15) PAGES. Smiley Mad 

I have printed reports from as recently as September 23rd so this is something that is very recent. It strikes me as something made for grade school children (ok, that's a bit much, but it's a serious step back, bet it looks great on mobile /S This hybrid website for mobile and desktop users practice has got to stop. It's detrimental to everyone's experience at best, often less efficient from a usability standpoint than a dedicated desktop site, and is a slap in the face to desktop users). Seriously. What is this? Who decided this was an improvement much less one that didn't warrant a price reduction (looking at my Sept. 23rd report vs the new one that it pulls up now for the same date it's glaringly lacking as OP said)?


Meant to add I had logged on to order a new report but wanted to check the last ones I ordered and at first thought my browser was acting up especially when I tried to print it to PDF. Did not look AT ALL like the reports from the last few years/decade (yes, decade). Eventually tried it on a couple other browsers to make sure mine wasn't acting up and all looked like the same dumpster fire.

Reconsidering future orders now if this is the presentation format we have to now look at. It was more just curiosity to see how it changed after I made some payments but I'll just wait until next time I need to apply for credit. Otoh, barring any unfortunate events, I don't even need to check it anymore to get my score for a heads up on what I'm walking in to, and I can get a free report to verify no identity theft has occured with no score. Certainly lost all interest in any kind of subscription service after seeing this change.

Double-whammy for MyFico, lost me as an occasionally curious about my score customer and lost me as a potential subcription customer, but if the report format goes back to what it used to or something equal I'd be happy to buy reports that I don't necessarily need Smiley Happy But an extra 20 pages and harder to read formatting with some info that used to be there appearing to be missing? No thanks.

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Re: MyFICO Report Format

Same goes for me.  I pull a report every few months.  One  from  September, the old version, had 17 pages , the new version in  October had 48 pages, and that was supposedly the  "condensed"  format.  At almost 3 times the number of  pages it  didn't have any additional content, Just lots more spaces and a few graphics.  The not condensed version had 68 pages.   I miss the summary and the more efficient presentation of the reports I used to get.  I vote for the old style!  It was better organized and easier to read. 

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