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Support Email Security

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Support Email Security

When I put in a message to support, I got back the form I submitted, complete with partial SSN and date of birth.

There's no way this is necessary to email outside the company, so could emails to customers omit at least these two pieces of info, please?

Others that might be good to omit: street address, login ID (which is your email, obviously).

Pretty please?
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Re: Support Email Security

Whoa! Good to know. Bad way to find out.
I second the suggestion for change.
A lot of companies, financial one's in particular have started sending an Email notification stating "We have received your request" and "We have answered your request".
You have to then login to the company's secure website to read the response.
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Re: Support Email Security

Worse, I got back a generic email reply -- with all my personal info.

Gah, I just want to slap someone.

I work in Payment Card Industry compliance, and this would set someone into fits of hives.
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Re: Support Email Security

The myFICO customer service folks are aware of this security issue and are working on excluding this personal information from the myFICO customer service email replies.  It should be resolved soon.  Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Formerly consumer affairs manager, media spokesman and myFICO Forums community manager at FICO, I'm now freelance writing for and my own site,

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Re: Support Email Security

Thanks, Barry!

I didn't know how else to bring it to y'alls attention rather than posting it here.
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