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When will the report be available?

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Re: When will the report be available?

LindysMom wrote:
I typically log in from my desktop. Both mobile and web won’t update or even give me an option to pull.

As an aside, I really like having a particular date each month otherwise I would be too eager to pull it. For example, my student loan lenders don’t report within close proximity of each other. Plus I feel it gives me a true picture of how my scores are evolving.

So there are definitely two different services!  I spent some time on the product page but MyFico appears to change some things that they don't discuss at all on their selling info pages.  Grr!


I totally understand the desire to pull a report if you could!  It takes me a lot of willpower to wait 3+ weeks to pull a 3B I already paid for.  In my case, I have cards report as early as the 6th-9th and as late as the 18th-22nd.  I usually only report my AZEO balance on the card thar reports on the 13rd-16th, so I can pull my 3B as early as that, but I still like to give myself a little bit of a time just in case.


We all have our reasons for liking this or that feature, but being locked down without ANY information on WHEN a forced pull happens would annoy me as well.  I hope you find your answer -- and if it appears automatically today, post an update so we have some data points for others in the future.

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Re: When will the report be available?

So it did update today ... 12:25 PM EST... I was in the parking lot of Costco looking on my mobile phone.


I agree re: report one month doesn't update in time for prior month activity.

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Re: When will the report be available?

I'm quite happy to find this thread so quickly after searching the topic.

I have a subscription for $39.90;

My account renews today;
My PayPal account used to pay for it has not been charged yet;

It says next available FICO 3B Report 01/07/18 - can't click on it

I don't see anywhere where on the dashboard where I can access my 3B without paying for it;



It appears from what's been stated above that I'm likely early...  

will wait to see how it changes.. this is my first month of service so.. totally unfamiliar. 

More importantly I have statements cutting on the 10th -  best to pull after that.

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