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Auto CLI from AMEX?

Does anyone know if AMEX is giving out auto CLI?  I have a Blue Cash card that was slashed last summer to $500.  I have continued to use the card but I refuse to take a hard inquiry for a CLI.  However, since the slash I was approved for an AMEX Costco card. 
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Re: Auto CLI from AMEX?

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dont count on it, im still waiting for one also... my  amex blue is the lowest limit card  i have, BOA 12k, Penfed 10k, discover 9.6k, citi bank 9.6k, what gives? my amex blue limit is 1k....
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Re: Auto CLI from AMEX?

I got an auto CLI from Amex about 15 months after I opened the Costco True Rewards card back in 2006 and when I requested an increase to $7,500 from $5,300 in July of this year on their website it was approved immediately.  FWIW.....
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Re: Auto CLI from AMEX?

AMEX does soft for cli. I too had my limit slashed and when I apply for an increase, I get a letter saying no, because you had your limit decreased recently. It's been almost a yr since the decrease.
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Re: Auto CLI from AMEX?

You can expect AUTO Credit Line decrease from AMEX but never Increase. That's AMEX and you should know it by now!
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Re: Auto CLI from AMEX?

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EDIT: I was reviewing credit reports from this past January and they show my Amex limit as $5500.  I guess I must have not noticed getting a CLI!



I've never had an auto CLI nor have I ever requested CLI from Amex (Blue/originally apped for Costco use) since opening it in 2005.  I just did the online request and went from $10k to $14k as I requested.  One of my four total cards is being discontinued so I'm looking to replace that $11k in credit in other places.  I RARELY use my Amex, really just for Costco and it's been about six months--time to use again.

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