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CC report dates

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CC report dates

Does anyone know when the following CCs report to the CRAs?







Thanks in advance for your replies!

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Re: CC report dates

My Citibank and Chase cards report on the statement date, which is what most cards do.  I believe Sears is also through Citibank, so you can expect the same.  The only cards I know of that do not report on the statement date are HSBC (last business day of the month) and Amex (on the statement date, but 30 days late).


Hope that helps!

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Re: CC report dates




My HSBC reports my balances as of the last business day of the month during the first full week of the following month.


My Amex Card use to report on my statement date, However, I have noticed since November 2008 they are now reporting the first week of the month. Of course this causes my balances to be anywhere from two to three months behind.


Not sure why the change in Amex, maybe they are about to tell me something.


Anyone else notice a change in Amex reporting?


All my other cards report my balances as of the closing date.

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Re: CC report dates

FIA card services (Bank of America) and Wells Fargo reports on the statement closing date for me.
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Re: CC report dates

Discover reports my statement closing balance and I usually get the Scorewatch alert a few days after the statement closes.
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Re: CC report dates

That helps immensely!!  Thanks very much for all posts!  Now I will definitely pay approx 90% of my balance before the statement closes so it only reports 10% of CL and then pay off remainder by due date to avoid interest.  Thanks again!Smiley Happy
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