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Chase Recon Help

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Chase Recon Help

I applied once again for a Chase card, it has been 7 months since my last app with them.


I was denied. The reason was short credit history. I called for a recon, got a very nice lady, explained my situation, and she said she would recommend me for a card with a nice starting limit. And that if all goes well I will get my welcome packet in about 7 days.


That was 18 days ago. I called yesterday, got a nother nice CSR, he said that my app was in review by a supervisor, and they would make the decision and send me a letter when they make the decision. I asked if that meant a decline, to which he could not answer.


Since I am the "Teflon Recon" and have not had a succesful one yet, I was wondering how you all do it?


I am really nice on the phone with the CSR's, even when they are saying no, I don't get mean or nasty... honestly I think I need pointers though in some trick that gets the job done, because honesty and kindness does not seem to be working.


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Re: Chase Recon Help

Sorry to hear about your luck with recon's Pappy Smiley Sad I am in the same boat as you as far as not really knowing exactly what to say. As far as recon's go, I have never actually tried one yet, just too scared I suppose. I know a lot of people say what have you got to loose. I would be interested in knowing what some people have done to get a recon successfully.

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Re: Chase Recon Help

iT took about 30days for me!!!! if they told you yes in RECON dept. then you should be getting all info in the mail!!!! Keep waiting read my thread!!!!
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