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Credit Card soft pull

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Credit Card soft pull

I know that we been talking about that soft pull that creditor do to our account to see how our acc going on and stuff.

I wonder what do they actually see in there ??? Do they see the same thing as high balance and inquiry new acc and other stuff.

Why would they have to do a HP over the SP for credit increase even thou what they see with the soft pull would be identical the same ???

Someone please explain !!!!!!

Starting Score: 560
Current Score: 748 Wishlist: CSP, Simply Cash, SPG, BOLD, INK, United MP,
Goal Score: 800

Walmart: 10k |Usaa: 8k|BCE: 13k| Amex: NSPL|Dis: 9.4k|Cap: 5.5k|CAP: 2k|CSP: 13.4k| Pen:4.5k

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