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Does anyone know about Working Assets?

I got a preapproved offer from them but have never heard about them on seen anything on any forums posted about them. Does anyone have any information?
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Re: Does anyone know about Working Assets?

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I've had this card since March its a Bank of America/MBNA product. I love it. Bank of america supports it but please note you cannot switch out to any other BOA once you have it since its a branded card. My promo was 0% of purchases, BT's and cash advances through March 2009. Also after the first purchase received a 2 for 1 airline ticket anywhere in the continental US. I am quite happy with this card.


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Re: Does anyone know about Working Assets?

Ah, now it makes sense because all of the card features were similar to BoA offered "world points"....etc...
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Re: Does anyone know about Working Assets?

FWIW, I don't know anything about the Working Assets card, but I have a branded BofA card, and I am delighted with the CS. I got a CLI from $10K to $15K after only a month, after making two substantial payments and calling them to say that my scores were being killed by the util. I did have to escalate to a credit specialist. As best as I can tell, the level of service is the same on branded cards as on the straight card.

On a separate call, I asked what the possibilities were of eventually switching the card, in case I wanted the AmeriCard or something. MY CSR made encouraging noises, but was quick to admit that he didn't really know, and that I would need to talk to a specialist if/when the time came.

I'd be happy to have a slightly better rewards card once the BT on this one is paid off, but there are worse things than the WorldPoints program, and I'm loving BofA CSR so far. I'm expecting that this one will be one of my three keepers once all the dust settles.
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