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Garden Club - May 2017

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

Checking in for May.  Staying strong but contemplating leaving for the hilton card

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

"Started" gardening the other day but still had a pending app. Now that everything is all done, does my gardening clock start now or when the accounts actually start reporting? Either way, nice to meet you all! Happy Monday! 

BK7 discharged: 10/25/15 | Current scores: 685 EQ 648 TU 651 EX | Gardening: 07/24/17 -- 07/24/18
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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

crossing over my first full month in the garden soon, still grinding my scores, about to come up on my 19th birthday, as well as my 1st year anniversary into credit, I'll probably  make a post about it then! Smiley Happy

Starting(7/16):TU733/ EX680/ EQU655 | On 05/17:TU755/EX728/EQU712 | Goal: 100k TCL when I'm 20, 800 on all scores
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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

Staying put for now.

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

Checking in for the month of May myFico family.


Still holding strong even though BoA taunts me with the Request a Credit Limit Increase button.Smiley Very Happy



Gardening till December 2019
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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

Lol, smc said " May whether" Smiley Wink
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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

Have you seen the NSYNC meme going around Facebook the last few days? It's gonna be May! 


No? Did that only amuse me? I miss the days of boy bands Smiley Sad

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

It's been a while since I've checked in with the Garden Club here, I actually had to step out on April 1 to apply for an auto loan, finally replacing my first car that got me through my first 8 years driving, gonna miss that car, but enjoying the new one! I got a great rate on the used auto loan from my local credit union, 1.99%! They pulled a 779 EX! That being said I guess I'm skipping straight to bronze today, as I never updated my status until now.


In other news I just got off the phone, and for the first time, I actually got Citi to lower my APR. I talked with them online first, and only got it from 24.5% to 21.74%, I asked why it was so high and they referred me to a phone number. I called in and spoke with someone, waiting on hold for a while, and they came back and offered 17.74%. I'll take it! Smiley Happy My scores are as high as they've ever been and I'm appreciating the rates it's getting me so far! Time to garden for another year!

FICO: TU (4/12/17 Discover): 759 TU (3/13/17 Barclaycard): 755 | EQ (4/28/17 Citi): 759 | EX (4/5/17 AmEx): 780
VS3.0: (Credit Karma, 5/1/17): TU 770 EQ 771 | EX (, 4/29/17): 768 | EQ (Mint, 5/1/17): 748
Total Credit: 25.4k
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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

Lol, smc, i think its harder to have boy bands nowadays cuz all they end up doing is picking one for success and disposing the rest like yesterdays Credit OnesSmiley Wink
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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

And as always best comment of the night to my friend AJC! Smiley Happy

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