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Re: How many of you have weird CL?

Citi 13,700K, was 11,700 when I received it. Got a 2k cli 5 months ago.

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Scores: EQ-798 EX-802 TU-786

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Re: How many of you have weird CL?

i have an $1126 CL from Belk

| NFCU Cashrewards $14,000 | NFCU Platinum $12,000 | NFCU Navchk $10,000 | Amex BCE $3,000 | Amex HHonors $1,700 | Chase Freedom $3,300 | Chase Sapphire Preferred $5,000 | BOA 3-2-1 $5,000 | Barclays Apple $4,450 | CapOne Quicksilver $1,000 | OCCU Beaver $5,000 | CITI Diamond Preferred $2,500| Citi TYP $5,000 | GTE FCU $3,000 | | Discover IT $3,500 | Walmart Discover $8,000 | NCSECU $750 | NASA FCU $2,000| Chase Slate $4,000 | Barclays Reward MC $1,500| Best Buy $3,000 | Wells Fargo $3,000 | Chase Amazon $3,000
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Re: How many of you have weird CL?

$808 with PayPal SC. I asked for a $500 increase for a purchase ($300 limit at the time) for a total of $800, I had a balance of $8 and available of $292 so they added the extra $8 and left it there lol.


Note: the purchase wasn't even $400, I just didn't wanted to max the card :smileyvery-happy:.

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Re: How many of you have weird CL?

I have a Comenity store card at $390.  Also, a Bloomingdales at $100.... seriously..... I was CLD about two years ago.... I buy a candle once in a while to treat myself.

07/07/14 FICOs, EX 640, EQ 640, TU 701 (whoop whoop... first time in the 700's for a long while!)
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Re: How many of you have weird CL?

My Barclays iTunes Visa has a weird credit limit.  It started at $2,000 got bumped to $3,450 and then the last CLI made it $5,410.  Oh well, I'll talk whatever they're willing to give me.

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Re: How many of you have weird CL?

My wierdest one is $6,405. I don't understand that at all, LOL.


I also have:







At least those are multiples of $100, but they still bug me. I prefer either $500 or $1,000 increments.

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Re: How many of you have weird CL?

Chase Freedom- $11,014  This was odd from the beginning when it started at Providian 11 or 12 years ago.


Amex BCP- 6K

PenFed- 6K

Citi- 1.2K

Lowes- 10K

CareCredit- 5K



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Re: How many of you have weird CL?

My DH's Lowe's card is at $6503. He had a payment that was in the middle of being processed when we asked for a CLI. It should have brought him up to $6500, but the payment crossed at the same time that a tiny $3 charge that was still pending (or payment included the $3 pending charge? I forgot the exact details), but when the dust settled he wound up with an extra $3 tacked to his CL. I usually just think of his CL as being $6500, but it's technically $3 more than that.

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Re: How many of you have weird CL?

Walmart Discover $1,800. Why couldn't it just had been 2k like my Delta and Amazon Visa?

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