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Large CL Secured card = raise in score?

Sorry if this seems a little long, I just wanted to give some history to help.
I have been doing a ton of research since I found this site. I have already increased my positive TL's from a single Orchard Card 300 CL to the following.
Orchard 500
Hooters 1000
Sea Miles 1750
Credit One 600
Kay Jewelers 1650
My ultimate goal is to be in the position to purchase a house in about 2 years. At the time I hope to have raised my score signifigantlly as well as save a large down payment. I am also in the process of trying to clean up some baddies. I have had the Hooters, Sea Miles and credit one TL's for a coulpe months. I have used all of them and kept the Util at reporting time under 10%.
I have read in a few places that if you can get a secured card with one of the prime lenders and after 9 -12 months they will convert it to an unsecured account. My idea is to wait till about this time next year, when I will have had my current TL's for about a year. Apply for a secured card with BOA. If I put down $10,000. Will that amount later be converted to unsecured? If I have a large CL like that, will other prime lenders be willing to give me large CL's? Lastly, do secured accounts figure into your score any differently?
Thanks for all the help. I have already made big improvements, I just want to get up to prime market in 2 years, even with some baddies I can't remove.
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Re: Large CL Secured card = raise in score?

What kind of fico score u need to get approved for kay jewelers card?
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Re: Large CL Secured card = raise in score?

Anyone have any input?
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Re: Large CL Secured card = raise in score?

This is an excellent question, but unfortunately, I don't really know myself (although I have thought about doing the exact thing you mentioned with $10,000 this past week in an effort to get that high CL, which hopefully would in turn significantly raise my FICO scores)...
Anyone know this information?

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