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Using A Non Costco Amex At Costco..

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Re: Using A Non Costco Amex At Costco..

RSCo wrote:

Has anyone received any preapproved offers for the Amex Costco card by using a non Costco Amex while shopping there? Have the gold Delta SkyMiles card and just started using it there. I'm hoping to receive an offer for the Costco Amex.. I wonder if Amex scans thru your charges to see that you're using a non Costco Amex while shopping there. 

Back in September, I received a pre-approved offer for the Amex Costco card and it offered a $50 bonus for spending $500 within the first three months of account opening.  The offer was sent to me via email from Costco, not Amex.  I am registered on Costco's website as I have always paid my membership fee on their website each year.  I had actually received the same offer a couple of months prior to the one in September - they were the same offer.


Anyway, I used the offer and applied online on October 1st and was instantly approved.  The 3% on gas works at most gas stations, not just Costco Gas.  So I use this card when I'm not getting 5% for gas with the Freedom.

FICOs: TU08 850 EQ08 850 EX08 849

My Wallet: Amex Gold NPSL; Amex Optima Platinum $25K; Amex BCE $12K; BofA Visa $10.1K; BofA TR Visa $18K; Cap1 Quicksilver Visa Sig $10K; CSP $28.2K; Chase Freedom $13K; Citi Costco Visa $19.3K; Citi Double Cash $13.5K; Citi Simplicity Visa $23.3K; Discover IT $50K; Fidelity Amex $25K; PenFed Plat Rewards Visa Sig $50K; Sallie Mae WMC $17.5K; Sears MC $10.1K; US Bank Cash+ Visa Sig $26K; Walmart Discover $10K; Wells Fargo Rewards Visa Sig $14K
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Re: Using A Non Costco Amex At Costco..

Cdnewmanpac wrote:

Open123 wrote:

sengpatt wrote:

If you value Starpoints above 2 cents/point, which many people do, the SPG could be good to use at Costco as well. If Amex won't do bonus categories for it, the best thing would be to bring it out for big purchases at Costco.

Right, for big business Costco purchases, the SPG business card is the way to go!


PS - Ironically, the least attractive Amex for Costco is the...well...Costco Amex.  Even MR points I value at greater than 1% cashback.

For those without business cards, the primary value of the Costco Amex is for Costco gas. I put 20k on the zync because it was the only card I had, then it was the only card with a high enough limit (npsl) to support larger purchases. while using an spg makes sense if you already have it, I'm not sure getting the card for Costco purchases alone makes sense. but since the costco Amex costs only an inquiry and I won't be getting a fidelity or spg any time soon, I'm resigned to 1% for the time being.

I see.  Makes perfect sense.

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