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macys store card and macys amex question.

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Re: macys store card and macys amex question.

mnavas wrote:
My requested my store acc to be upgraded to the Amex version on 11/26/2012 the account was created on 11/30/2012 (i know its not actually an upgrade, its just a new credit lime to be used ouside the store) I check my Exp report almost every day and until today no Macys hard inquiry is showing up in my report As i said before my guesd is they do hard pull your Exp report when you're either in the borderline criteria or your score doesnt look good in the soft pulled report

Interesting, someone also said they used Equifax. Anyway, the score the obtained with me wasn't anywhere near the cutoff point of 720, so I am unsure as to how they decide to perform a hard or soft inquiry. Nevertheless, if you didn't get an inquiry, that's a plus. I already had about ten so one more wouldn't hurt.

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Re: macys store card and macys amex question.

I totally expected a HP and I realize they check EX, so I was like "show me the money", since I have 6 inqs on EX with 1 to fall off 2/24/13.  The last one on EX was in 8/12 for my B of A.  I check USAA daily, so no HP from Macy's in the last week.  The card is really issued by Citi, so maybe my Citi Diamond Preferred helped.   One can only speculate; regardless, no HP and a 4k extra fine by me!

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Re: macys store card and macys amex question.

Yes, it's two accounts, one card.. You can still carry the store card but it's totally unnecessary. As for report terms, your store credit line history remains the same but you're Macys Amex is reported as a new account (there's no backdate) which will hit your AAofA. And Yes by requesting an "upgrade" you give Macys Permission to hard pull your Experian report... and again if you're last Macys store Account Review (which in my case they soft pull Equifax) looks good they most likely approve you without a hard credit pull. It's also known that you meed a 700+ FICO to get approved although they also use internal scores to assess all your information in your report. The same principle applies when requesting a CLI in your Macys store or any special account (club account, Major purchase etc) if you don't meet their criteria with the last soft pull (AR) they most likely hard pull to see if your information and credit worthiness has change in your report
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