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Re: Walmart Credit Card - easy to get?

They listed high balances and I think there was something about time since recent negative credit. Bankruptcy was discharged in February of 2010. Other than some tax liens, nothing else bad since then. 

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Re: Walmart Credit Card - easy to get?

Walmart is on my wishlist for maybe next month.  What' I've read often is that people order something through Walmart online using their credit card, and then when they return to the account, Walmart has given them a pre-approved offer (soft pull).  I kept reading this over and over, and I have ordered from Walmart online for years but I always used a debit card!  So now I'm planning to order using my credit card next month and see if that works.  Also, some people have gotten pre-approved offers at the register when paying with a credit card.

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Re: Walmart Credit Card - easy to get?

So if you apply and are approved  or denied does it say so instantly or have to wait for a decision in the mail?

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Re: Walmart Credit Card - easy to get?

It will be an instant approval and give you your CL.  You make one application and they will put it in for a Discover first, if no go on that, they will put it through for the store card.  This is all done in just a few seconds.

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Re: Walmart Credit Card - easy to get?

I have put the Barclays Rewards card on my wishlist for next yr over this one, however I have read it is BK friendly?

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Re: Walmart Credit Card - easy to get?

I've gone back and forth over the idea of getting it for TU score but never pulled the trigger.


A year or two ago it seemed pretty easy to get. Not sure about now, though.

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Re: Walmart Credit Card - easy to get?

I applied for Walmart cc about 2 weeks ago online, I didn't think I would be approved but instantly I was apprived for $200 cl!! Even though it was a low cl, I was very happy to even get one and now I can start building it from here! I was denied by JCP. So I recommend the Walmart before JCP.

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Re: Walmart Credit Card - easy to get?

i was declined recently with TU score listed below the large collection from 2/2012 seems to scare everybody away :smileysad:

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Re: Walmart Credit Card - easy to get?


  yea ,it's easy to get  If you are looking for the best prices and discounts your will probably go to WalMart. You will probably see these discounts everywhere. If you love shopping in WalMart, you will probably like they well known credit cards called Walmart credit card

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Re: Walmart Credit Card - easy to get?


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