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April Check In Thread


April Check In Thread

Hey Challengers! It's April 1st, which means it's time for our third monthly check-in thread. As a reminder, participation in these monthly check-ins is optional, but encouraged. The goal is to help keep you on track, so feel free to post your progress updates here. 


How did the month of Marchy treat your finances? Did you hit any potholes or speedbumps? Achieve some milestones, either small or mighty? Change your goals or add new ones?


Let us know how you're doing! What have been your biggest accomplishments and obstacles so far in the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013?

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Re: April Check In Thread

I am checking in and starting the challenge, although not sure how to proceed.

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Re: April Check In Thread

wanttobeintneknow wrote:

I am checking in and starting the challenge, although not sure how to proceed.

The Challenge is a personal challenge by posting a accountability post of where your FICO scores are at now and where you'd like them to be at the end of the year, and what steps you plan to take to get you to your goal.

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Re: April Check In Thread

Well I passed my first goal of 625 on March 31st, so started off April with a new goal (see sig). I'm behind on my savings goal for the year, so I tweaked my budget tonight to squeeze a little more savings out. Overall I'm really doing great thanks to these boards and all the great advice. In the garden for awhile, not sure how long yet.

Starting Score: 11/29/12 TU 527; EQ 565; EX 564 fako - bk7 dc'd 2/15/13
Current Score: 1/22/15 TU 645; EQ 605; EX 633 New goal 675
Cap1 sec $1k (SD) / Fingerhut $2k / Flagship $12k / cashRewards $12k / NavChek $15k / Amazon $2k / Von Maur $1k / Firestone $2.2k / BCU $3k / NFL $1k / QS1 $750 / Target $400 / PPSC $800 / Conoco $700 (last app 09/29/14)
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Re: April Check In Thread

Hello Fico Challengers,


I am happy to report that I have paid  one of my credit cards in full. I am so excited to be free of that bill. I had a financial set back at the end of March because I had to replace 6 spark plugs on my SUV which I paid in full November 2012. It cost $939 which were funds I would have applied to my next credit card I am working on paying off. The good news is that my vehicle is running like new and my husband thinks it will last another three years for sure. So I can pay myself the car payment every month and credit card debt. I still have $23,000 in credit card debt that I am slowly chipping away at, but I am seeing a lot of progress with the snowball plan. I haven't checked my FICO scores yet but I am anxious to see what they have done in the last three months.  I am really hoping to get approved for a mortgage next May/June 2014. Good luck to everyone.

Starting Score: 615
Current Score: 632
Goal Score: 742

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Re: April Check In Thread

Last month, I sent out a G/W ltr.  Though it was only one letter, it was with one CA for 8-10 medical accts.  This shows up on all of the CR's for my husband and I, so I'm really hoping to get them removed.  They have been paid, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.  I have two other CA's on my report, one that is almost paid off. The other I'm still researching on - I thought it was already paid and it is showing up as not paid in full.


I had signed up in January for the quarterly monitoring, so today was the day for my new report and score.  The new report did not reflect any new baddies - sign of relief there.  The score did not change - but I wasn't too disappointed there.  The upside was that the score did not go down.  I've had one hard inquiry in the last 12 months - which I believe is good? 



Starting Score: EX 573; EQ 489; TU 521 (Lender Pulled 7/12/11)Current Score: FICO TU 615 (4/3/13); FICO EQ 585 (5/12/13)Goal Score: 725
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Re: April Check In Thread

My main goal this year (and since late last year) has been to pay down my revolving debt. I have brought my util down from 80%+ to just around 27% and I am still working diligently to get it to single digits.

Starting Score: EQ 717 EX 724 TU 736
Current Score: EQ 832 EX 783 TU 816
App free since 9/15/15
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Re: April Check In Thread

March was a good month for me. 3 CA accounts PIF and deleted. Reports are now collection free. Paid off 2 FP CO accounts and waiting for update to be reported because they were being counted in utilization. Got a CLI from 500 to 1000. Reduced utilization on CCs from 80 to 39%. I got 3 new cc through shopping cart trick. No new inquiries. Credit score increased from EQ 564/TU 584 to EQ 635/TU 636. Great month. Hoping April is even better!
April Goals:
Start savings plan
Get utilization down to all reporting 0 except 1 to report under 9%
Stay in the garden all month
Get started on husbands credit repair
Get GMAC CO removed

No apps until 8/2014
March 2013 Starting FICO Score: EQ: 584 TU: 564 EX: ??
August 2013 Current FICO Scores: EQ:664 EX:684 Walmart TU: 666
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Re: April Check In Thread

I am checkiing in with mixed feelings rght now.  For some reason my Equifax FICO   nor my Experian FAKO, but my Transunion has taken a 30 point jump!  I'm excited, yet anxious to get the two to match.  I have not checked my FAKO score for Experian, but I am hopeful that it will have taken a similar turn towards the better.


I have some items that will drop off this year, so that will be a welcome change.  I am currently paying my CCs on time as well as the student loan I was able to pull out of default.  A year ago I would not have thought it was possible to be 80-100 points higher after almost breaking down from finding out my scores were 490-495.


I am planning on opening an additional secured card to go with my current one but at $1000 limit to help increase my credit utilization information.  I am working on PFDs to some of the smaller collections on my reports, and will keep you posted on the progress in that.  I didn't want to send those until I knew I would have the money to pay if the CA accepts.  Right now I have no OCs that I can work with so the PFDs are my best bet.


I am in the process of lookig for a new apartment, and I plan on taking my report info to the leasing office so that I can try and avoid hard pulls.  Hopefully I am able to lease, but I am prepared for a higher deposit regardless.  


I hope everyone is seeing positive improvement in April.  We can do this if we just stay focused!  Happy rebuilding to everyone!


Starting Score: TU 520 EQ 509 EX 481
Current Score: TU 577 EQ 571 EX 557
Goal Score: TU 748 EQ 730 EX 700

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Re: April Check In Thread



April has started off on a good foot:

  1. My CC balance is still at 1% utilization.
  2. My available credit increased an additional $8500 due to being added as an AU--thus loweing my util. even more.
  3. A CA kept their word and deleted the account from my CRs after I paid the $79 balance. That process took 2 weeks from start to finish.

Now I'm just waiting for the $139 CA w/Debt Recovery for US Cellular to be removed from my CRs. After this falls off, I will start to work on the remaining medical collection I have for $534. 

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Current Score: EQ FICO 764 TU FICO 776 EX FICO 753
Goal Score: 800
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