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April Check In Thread

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Re: April Check In Thread

Well i'm a little late checking in at the end of April, but i'm happy to say after pulling all three scores that my TU score has jumped up about 30 points (see signature block).

As far as paying down credit card debt, I have NOT done a good job of that so far this year--too much shopping! All my credit cards are still pegged at about 100%. But, on the good side my fixed loan balances have gone down by $1,250 so far this year.


I'm setting a goal of paying off my smallest credit card in the next 3 months. It has a $657 balance so that should be very attainable. Smiley Happy


Check back in at the end of May!

Starting Score: EQ 684, TU 655, EX 671
Current Score: EQ 684, TU 680, EX 671
Goal Score: 725 - 750 for all three

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Re: April Check In Thread

Hello everybody I'm new here and I 'm here just like everyone else trying to get a better score. Right now I make about $ 44,000 a year and my Transunion score is 671 and my Equifax score is 643. My target score is 740. All I have is a few student loans and a secured credit card right now. Hopefully soon I can get a real credit card with a decent limit at least 10K. On my TU report I have 1 collection account which is currently under dispute. On my EQ report I have 3 collection account under dispute and 2 inquires. Hopefully after all these items are deleted my score will shoot up.


Within the next 6 months I hope to finance my first home and possibly get a car but first thing first I got to get to 740. I say 740 because I heard you get a better interest rate at 740.

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Re: April Check In Thread

Starting Score: 544
Current Score: 671
Goal Score: 740

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Re: April Check In Thread

kjel wrote:

Joining the party here!


After a devastating one-two punch in 2011 of a job loss where I didn't get unemployment and a cancer diagnosis while on COBRA, the universe had a sense of humor and bestowed a high risk pregnancy two months after my surgery to remove the cancer! Finally, I am getting to a place where I am not on the fiscal edge of oblivion and can focus on getting my financial house in order.


2013 Goals:


Finish rehabilitating my student loans

Pay down credit cards to 9% utilization

Pay or settle all collections accounts

Pay all bills on time


Progress to Date:


Student loans out of rehab, picked up by a new lender, still no updates on the credit reports.

One credit card paid off ($500 CL), second credit card will be paid off end of month ($500 CL), third credit card balance $650 ($750 CL) should be paid off by June.

Two medical collections paid, CAs would not accept PFD so sent first round of GW letters out.

Payment arrangement on a school collection that does not report as long as I make payments.

All bills paid on time Smiley Happy

Contributing 3% of my salary to 401K


Up Next:

Continue paying on third credit card to get it down to 9% util.

Save up to pay/settle a credit card chargeoff and another collection.

Wait for student loan tradelines to update to reports reflecting no longer in default.





New lender is now reporting student loans on two TLs. Still waiting on Department of Education to update their TLs to show $0 balance and all mention of default removed. Credit Karma shows a reporting date of the 30th/31st so hopefully the end of the week I might see an update. Also waiting for a medical collection to report as paid-supposed to happen on 5/10.



Current Score: TU: 674 | EQ: 722 | EX: 717 | Last Inq. 2/16/15...Locked Up in The Garden
NFCU Cash Rewards $14K | Chase Sapphire Preferred $5K | Amex Blue Cash Preferred $6K | Cap1 Quicksilver One Visa $9K

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Re: April Check In Thread

My goal is to reach 720 in the next couple months with my EQ is currently 683 with one mistake I'm trying to get removed and my T/U is 715. My issue was I needed to add credit so I just added a Discover and once it is reported, I might see a difference. After that goal, I need it to go up to 750-775
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