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April Check In Thread


Re: April Check In Thread

I'm checking in for April, my first check in. I haven't refreshed myfico scores, TU will be refreshed next week. I did do 3 Bureau pull with - I know it's not FICO but I was curious. So far I have TU 528 EX 561 EQ 553. I don't know how close they really are to FICO.


I co-signed on an auto loan with DH last month and it just reported this month. Not sure how it has affected my score yet. I opened a secured CC last month too but it hasn't shown up on the credit yet. I do have some HP's since I have been trying to get credit. I was approved for a Matrix Discover $300 limit with $150 deposit. I know it's not the best card in the world but I guess it will have to do for now.


I'm hoping I start seeing an improvement, I would like to get my car refinaced by the end of the year. 18% interest sucks lol

Starting Score: TU488 EQ470 EXFAKO585
Current Score: TU552 EQ515 EXFAKO598 EX648CUpull
Goal Score: TU620 EQ620 EX675

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Re: April Check In Thread

Ended 2012 with 793 EQ Fico....but got punished for my app spree...all new accounts other than the 2 BofA cardsSmiley Happy (cards in siggy) ..score dropped to 740 but my CL increased from 8,5k to 48,5k..40k additional in 4 months! In urgent need to garden now to not scare off my new lenders. My util and spending habits will remain the same...always PIF as I do sleep better! My goal is to try to reach 800 and no matter if I succeed or not I would like to app in 2014 for CSP. These are my goals and at the same time I am experimenting a bit with reporting variations on my profile. if the score drops it does not mean I stopped gardening...ha ha...just testing impact on Fico
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Re: April Check In Thread

I'm still waiting on my refi to set a closing date.  (rate locked till 5/15)

My score went up a little to 703 from 696 due to the lower credit util. Not nearly as much as the esimator thought, but better than going down.. (est said I should have got to the 720's)


I'm chomping at the bit to close on my refi to buy a new truck.  Been working with a few different dealers on getting a good deal lined up.. 



Starting Score: EQ 665 (Jan 1, 2013)
Current Score: EQ 738 4/18/13, EX 715 Lender Pull 3/15/13, TU 718 Lender Pull 3/15/13 Suposedly over 750 now from what I was told when I did my auto loan, but not sure.
Goal Score: 740

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Re: April Check In Thread

April is off to an optimistic start!

+ sent 4 GW letters put and am waiting!
+ opened a becu (Boeing) CU checking/savings acct
+ applied for a Becu rewards visa online and was countered with a non-rewards visa with a $1000 CL
+ called to request a CLI on this visa and they increased it to $2500
+ opened a usaa checking/savings acct
+ pulled the trigger on a usaa pre-offer and was approved for a classic Amex with a $1000 CL

- called Isa to request a CLI but they stated that I needed to wait 6 months before requesting a CLI
- applied for an Amex Costco TRue earnings card and was denied due to multiple reasons (I'm even an executive member with decent spend)
- called Amex for a recon but was advised of the same reasons they've denied me
- fico scores dropped due to several reporting changes and inquiries, but I'm hopeful that it will go up as I use my CC's maintaining a low utilization and PIF every month.

I've been burning the midnight oil reading everyone's posts on this forum. I'm so confident of my learning a that I took on improving my wife's Credit as well!!!!

Thanks all for your inspiration and guidance.

Starting Score: 639
Current Score: 648 EQ, 664 TU
Goal Score: 720

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Re: April Check In Thread

March for me was good and bad....I can proudly say I have no more collections on any of my reports......originally starting out I had about 10 collection on each and that was back in December 2012.  3 short months and all are gone.....some were mistakes...some i PFD and some i just paid and they removed with no problem.


Unfortunatley I still have 2 negative accounts reporting.......1 First premier which was settled and they wont delete.....the other which has been a paid was an old GE/Amazon account....the balance was 892 ($600 limit) from late fees.  I've paid it down to $550 which was helping ....but then they all of the sudden reported the credit limit $0 instead of $600 so now Im way over utilization again....grrrrr.......guess i just have to PIF it.


Other than that I got added as an authorized user to one of my moms long standing credit lines and they did confirm they would be reporting it to my credit so Im just waiting for that to show up.  I may just sit back and wait a bit now for inquiries to fall off while i pay down that Amazon card. 


Hopefully no old collections resurface....crossing my fingers Smiley Happy

Starting Score: Decem 2012 - 568 (EX) ?? (TU FICO) 464 (EQ FICO) 540 (TU) 511 (CREDIT KARMA) 549 (QUIZZLE) 608 (CREDIT SESAME)
Current Score: December 2013 - 633 (EX) 585 (TU FICO) 583 (EQ FICO) 611 (TU) 591 (CREDIT KARMA) 623 (QUIZZLE) 660 (CREDIT SESAME) 660 (CREDIT.COM)
Goal Score: 700 across the board - Hoping to buy a home by March 2014..All baddies removed except for one stubborn First Premier who refuses to take it off even though it's PIF! GRRR

In my wallet: Home Depot $500 | Buckle $250 | Express $500 | Loft $500 | VS $350

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Re: April Check In Thread

My date with the bankruptcy court is Monday.  I checked my credit score this morning and just by filing, it appears my score went up 45 points.  I don't remember the last time I have seen it over 600 - it's only 601 but hey - that's over 600 Smiley Happy

Going straight from the court house to open a checking account now that it can't be garnished!  Super excited!!!

Starting Score: 560
Current Score: 639
Goal Score: 701
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Re: April Check In Thread

Just went from a dismal 536 to a 552, it's not good but its progress.

Starting Score: 536Current Score: 552Goal Score: 720
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Re: April Check In Thread

What's the best place to get our FICO scores?  And should I pay monthly?  

FICO Scores: (EX-735-11/12) EQ-757-12/03 (TU-750-11/12)
Discover FICO: 756 - 12/17 Walmart FICO: 750-1/06
USAA FAKO: EX-742 EQ-761 TU-761

Macys $7.2k - NFCU $24k - Discover $6.8k - Cap One $3500 - Nordstrom $3.5k - Wells Fargo $1k - Walmart $4.5k- The Limited $2.5k- Victoria's Secret $2.2k- Bloomingdales $2k- JCP $700
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Re: April Check In Thread

My scores increased by about 40 points since I first pulled my credit report and score, and realized that I had to act on this. 


I started the fitness challenge in March and now my scores are in 570's and 580's. They are not great but a huge improvement from 540's in just a month!


Good luck to everyone still in the challenge!

Starting Score: TU 543 (3/1) EX 560 (3/1) EQ 544 (3/1)
Current Score: TU 630 (6/5) EX 660 (6/5) EQ 591 (6/10)
Goal Score: 650

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Re: April Check In Thread

It is a slow process but I am up 45 points since January Smiley Happy

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