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Difference in FICO score and PLUS Credit Score

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Difference in FICO score and PLUS Credit Score

I am looking into buying a home in the next few months so I recently pulled my credit score from all three bureaus via online to get an update of where I am. After looking into it a little more I realized that the scores provided were PLUS scores. However, from what I've read it's really the FICO score that matters so I pulled my Equifax FICO score as well just to have a comparision. I was surprised to see that my Equifax FICO score was almost 40 points HIGHER than my Equifax PLUS score (especially since I've read that most people's FICO scores are lower). So my first question is, has anyone else experienced this or should I be alarmed that there is some error? Second, does anyone know what FHA lenders base their lending off of, FICO or something else, or does it really just vary according to lender? Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks! =)

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Re: Difference in FICO score and PLUS Credit Score

Pretty much every mortgage lender uses FICO scoring, so that's what I would look at.

There isn't a rule of thumb between their plus score and FiCO score. Some people will have higher scores, others will have lower scores. It all depends on what is on your credit reports.
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