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General question

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General question

I have 5 CCs


- Cap1 

- Discover

- Amex

- Citi

- Chase


They all provide me with a credit score. My question is, are any of these scores real scores, or fake scores? 

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Re: General question

They are are all real scores.  I think what you want to know is whether any of them are FICO scores.  When you pull up that score (when you log in to your credit card account) it will tell you whether it is a FICO score or not, and also which bureau the score gets its data from. 


I encourage you to do that and then circle back to the folks here if you still can't figure out how to do it.  Very often the info about FICO model and bureau is in fine print at the bottom.

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Re: General question

Cap1 is not a Fico score, Discover is. Don't remember what the others are off hand.
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Re: General question

Capital One's Credit Wise and Chase's Credit Journey provide VantageScores. However, if you have a Chase Slate card, a flavor of FICO is provided with the account.


AMEX provides a FICO8 from Experian. If you have a Discover card, a FICO8 from TransUnion is provided. They also offer an Experian FICO8 that's available to everyone, customers and non-customers alike.


I don't know what Citi provides.

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Re: General question

CGID is exactly correct above.  All scores are "real."  They may just come from different scoring models.


Discover, Amex and Citi provide FICO scores.  Discover and Amex use the FICO 08 classic model, where Citi uses the Bankcard 08 model.


Capital One uses the VantageScore 3.0 model.


Chase is sort of all over the place.  Some reference being provided with FICO scores by them, others reference "Credit Journey" which gives you a VS 3.0.

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