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Question on closing acct


Question on closing acct

I opened 2 accts using the cart trick for Express and VS store card last month, had it closed a couple off days ago because I don't need it, I click happy when I saw my score increased. Is there a way to remove these 2 TL from all my report? 

Starting Score: 2/22/12: EQ 530, TU 553, EX 528(lender). 12/4/12 (rebuilding starts)= EQ 599.
Current Score: 1/4/16: EQ 743, TU FICO 724, EX 737.
Goal Score: 750 all across.

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Epic Contributor

Re: Question on closing acct

If they were closed with no balances or lates, they will stay for up to 10 years as accounts in good standing.  If so, I would not have them removed.

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