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Yet another scoring question..

My score is puzzeling me.  Maybe someone can give me insight or advice.


I started out at the very bottom and after a year was able to raise my score from the 500's to 738.  At 738 I had positive student loans (10 years)  and a 8 month Visa reporting on my report.  Nothing else. 


In May 2013 I bought my house and added 5 more credit cards and two car loans.  My score dropped to the low 600's.  I also had a lot of inquires (about 6 per bureau).  All of the changes happened at the end of May.


My score is sitting at 627 now.  I have been playing around with carrying a balance (both high and low) and no blance at all.  I can't get my score to budge.  I get alerts from Myfico that says they detected on a balance but the score itself does not budge. 


I haven't bought a new report since I closed on the house.  I am sure my AAoA took a huge hit.  This month all those new accounts will hit 6 months but from what I have read on here it won't make a difference until they hit 24 months.


When can I expect my score to rebound?  I charge a little on each card and pay it off the next week to keep activity going on them.  I am carrying a small balance on my Discover which is interest free.

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Re: Yet another scoring question..

I'd expect the start of some movement in score after all of your newer TLs are 6 months or older (so, after this month). The movement will move faster after all of your newer TLs hit a year or older. It won't fully rebound because of the AAoA. But I bet you might hit 700+ provided util remains in check, nothing else is added (or removed). It's not necessary to use your CCs all the time. Just use them every 3-4 months to keep some activity on them.


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Re: Yet another scoring question..

In addition to what Ilecs said, keep in mind that adding a mortgage almost certainly re-bucketed you. This means you are on a whole new algorithm and being compared to a new subset of people.

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Re: Yet another scoring question..

No biggie. This is expected with a lot of new TL's. In 6 months, you'll be rocking high scores no problem.

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