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How to make a graphic in your siggy

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Hi to all the fellow fico members,


Many, many questions how I got my siggy as a graphic so I have decided to make this step by step method to do your own graphic signature.  Everything I show you is done by free programs and once you get the hang of it should only take a minute or 2 to update each time.


1.  Go to and download gimp which is a graphics editing program (free!).  Install this.


2.  Go to and open up a photobucket account. (free!)


3.  Now open up your myFico page and go to your product summary you want to put in your sig.


4.  Open Gimp also.   Choose file at the top and go down to acquire.  Choose screenshot. Choose grab a single window.  Drag the crosshair to the upper left portion of what your want to copy.  Now, the screen area you are choosing should now be in its own window.  Now choose tools, selection tools, rectangle tools.  Now, make a rectangle around your scores you want in your siggy.  Now choose image at the top and go to crop to selection.  Now you should only see what you want in your sig.  At the top again go to File, Save, choose file type as jpeg, and put this somewhere on your computer where you can find it again (My pictures, desktop).


5.  Now go to your photobucket account and log in.   Once you are logged in choose Upload Images and find the file you just saved on your computer.  Once uploaded choose save and continue.  You should now see your image on the main page, choose edit above that picture.  Choose resize and you want to make the size of the graphic something like 280 x 67 or so because it might not otherwise fit on all pages in the forums.


Choose save.  Almost done!  Now, the main photobucket page with your album you should see the graphic with some html codes below.  Right click on the one that says  Direct Link and copy the link.


6.  Go back to the myFico forums and log in.  Go to your profile.  Click in the signature area.  Type <a img src="right click your direct link info here"></a>   Choose save at the bottom and now every post you make will have your siggy in it as a graphic.


7.  You can always PM me and I will do what I can to help.  


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Re: How to make a graphic in your siggy

Thanks Lefty!  I think I did it right the first time.
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Re: How to make a graphic in your siggy

Way to go!  Thanks for the edit also, was fixed in the main post.  Nice scores!
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Re: How to make a graphic in your siggy

Thanks for the info, Lefty.  This is exactly what I was looking for.  I'm testing this out to see if it worked for me.



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Re: How to make a graphic in your siggy

Thanks for the tutorial, Lefty0118!


Very useful!   :smileyhappy:web data extraction:smileyhappy:





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Re: How to make a graphic in your siggy the only question is...whose scores do I copy!!??  hehehe


Mine aren't quite ready for my photobucket site just yet.   :smileysad:

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Re: How to make a graphic in your siggy

Thanks, this was super helpful. Now I'm just making sure I did it right!
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Re: How to make a graphic in your siggy

Not sure if I did mine right...

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