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MyFICO SW doesn't work. Period

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I received a "No Score Watch alerts this week" email this morning. I knew something was very wrong because I lowered my utilization to 9% and I've had 7 student loans closed and 1 new student loan opened due to consolidation. I used one of my score reports and my score has increased by 25pts......WTH SW. I received not one SW alert for the past 2 weeks. And yes I update my settings to my current score Every single time it changes. This works when it wants to.
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Re: MyFICO SW doesn't work. Period

Same here. My last alert was on 05/18 and nothing since. But on 06/05 a 40% util got to 0% and this for sure should have triggered a score change. I am used to SW being very slow but that it does not work at all is the first time now. :smileysad:

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Re: MyFICO SW doesn't work. Period

No sw here.... Pif over-limit card five weeks ago! Pizzed
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Re: MyFICO SW doesn't work. Period

It is definitely glitching right now.
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Re: MyFICO SW doesn't work. Period

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Having the same problem now.

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Re: MyFICO SW doesn't work. Period

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That's weird, I use to always experience this, but when I changed my settings when I knew a small change was coming, it usually alerted me, but I guess something really is wrong now! :smileysurprised:

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Re: MyFICO SW doesn't work. Period

Same here... many events should've triggered alerts and score changes but nothing on SW. Seriously at $14.95x3... there should be some refunds doled out!



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