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714 EQ score...

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714 EQ score...

My EQ score is 714.  THe report is somewhat shallow but there is some established credit there. Wells Fargo account closed in 2002 with a $4,700 limit.  Conns had a $3,000 limit and it is closed as well.  Authorized user on brothers BofA with $12,000 limit, still opened but no activity in almost two years.  I was recently approved for a Chase CC but it has not shown up on CR yet.  Should I be able to get an approval for an auto loan with a credit profile like this? 
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Re: 714 EQ score...

Do you have any open credit accounts in your name?

Either way with a score that high I don't think the dealers would have issue unless they actually take the time to look and see you have no open trade lines.....
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