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???? Auto Enhanced Score

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???? Auto Enhanced Score

i new fairly new to the community and I am getting my 1st auto loan. What is the difference between a Fico score ans an auto enhanced Score. 

Is one usually higher than the other and if so which one is typically higher?

Starting Score: TU 517 - EQ 539
Current Score: TU 654 - EQ 657 - EX 641 FAKO
Goal Score: 750

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Re: ???? Auto Enhanced Score

I'm new this is just my interpretation, however, I believe it to be correct. I don't think that either one is inherently higher or lower than the other. I believe the Auto enhanced score puts more weight on your past handling of you previous auto loans. If you paid them well....Auto enhanced should be higher, if would be lower.

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Re: ???? Auto Enhanced Score

It looks at installment loans. My auto score is always higher then my fico.

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