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Can I even qualify for an auto loan?

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Can I even qualify for an auto loan?

I am going to buy a new car within the next few months and I was wondering if I can even qualify for an auto loan? Also if I should go through the dealership or if I should go through someone else. 


I have $9000 to put down want to buy something around 20k. I have 15 INQ's though from the middle of last year Smiley Sad 

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Re: Can I even qualify for an auto loan?

If you have 9K to put down on a 20K car -- somebody will take you.

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Re: Can I even qualify for an auto loan?

Im sure with that kind of downpayment you will be approved, however it is CRUCIAL to get approved before you arrive at the dealership.  There are many reasons to get approved first.  If the dealers lets you take tha car and sign a contract, they could chasrge you per day and per mile if they cannot get the loan approved..  MODCUT


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