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Capital One Auto Nav- Simply Amazing

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Capital One Auto Nav- Simply Amazing

For the 2nd time in 2 years, Capital One Auto navigator approved me for a 2nd auto loan of $23,631 (2019 Chevy Camaro). I think I did pretty well negotiating the price of the car for my 21-year-old daughter. We traded in her 2017 Ford Focus. The camaro was her dream car, so since she's a really good, responsible kid, Cap 1 and myself helped her out. Anyway, my income is only $65,000 a year.

Cap 1 pulled all 3 scores which were around 705-715. No credit card debt. 4.51% rate, 84 months, $329 monthly payments. Cap 1 required $1,000 down. We went with the 84 month term because we are re-financing the car in her name within the next 3 months with NFCU (waiting for a few CC decreased balances to update/report on her credit first).

It blew my mind that I already have my own hefty car loan, but then Cap 1 approved me for another one! Simply Awesome! In fairness, NFCU did too...but at a 6.69% rate. I have a hefty mortgage and outragous student loans on my credit, on top of about 25 missed payments from a previous mortgage that are 3.5 years old, so my credit is not flawless by no means.

Current FICO 8s: Ex 726, Tu 746, Eq 716
Current FICO 9s: Ex 748, Tu ?? Eq 725
Total TLs: $160,000
32 (30-60 day) mortgage lates remain
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Re: Capital One Auto Nav- Simply Amazing

Cap One can be very generous.

I defend them often.

They gave me 2.49% with no money down for 72 months a couple of years ago.

My score average slightly below 700 at the time.


Rebuild started in 2014  -  $100k+ unsecured credit in 2017  -  $350k+ unsecured credit in 2020.


10% Rotating - Discover                       5%-20% - Amazon & Lowes                  3-6% Groceries - NFCU & Amex Preferred
3-5% Gas - NFCU & Ducks Unl            4% Dining & Entertain - Savor               3% Travel & Hotels - Flagship, Propel, & Uber
2% Everything Else - Flagship             1% Cancer Charity - Fifth Third             0% Finance Promos - Venture & QuickSilver

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Re: Capital One Auto Nav- Simply Amazing

Congrats on the approval with CapOne and good luck to DD on refinancing on her own with Navy in a couple of months!

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