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Capital One Auto Navigator Success

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Capital One Auto Navigator Success

I managed to raise my score by almost 100 points in the past 8 months but I hadn't been at my 2nd job for over 6 months which CapOne requires. So just before my 6 month mark I prequalified with CapOne and then sent them my latest paystubs. They verified my employment and I started looking for a vehicle. I managed to find a 2018 Ford Fiesta 5 speed manual last week. I test drove it on Friday and tonight I went back in with my reference number, took it for another drive and then signed the paperwork and drove it home with no money down. I did accepet a tad higher APR than I wanted but I will refinance with PenFed when my score improves even more in a few months. I had my doubts about how easy it would be to use CapOne or if they would even approve me without any money down but the vehicle is in my driveway and I haven't even turned 50 miles on it.2018Ford.jpg


Re: Capital One Auto Navigator Success

Congrats 🎉🎊👏
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Re: Capital One Auto Navigator Success

I may be more impressed that you found a new car with a manual transmission Smiley LOL


Congrats on the approval and new car!

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Re: Capital One Auto Navigator Success

I was trying to find a used Civic or Corolla manual which I found out is not an easy thing to do when you live in a small city. I've always liked the Feista but would never had purchase an automatic so when I found this last week I was stoked. I'm super happy with the vehicle and being I live in Maine the heated seats are a bonus. 

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Re: Capital One Auto Navigator Success

Nice! Get that thing ceramic coated ASAP to preserve that metallic paint! Great color!

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Re: Capital One Auto Navigator Success

Congrats!! Nice wheels!!👍👍

DW’s car is thru Cap1 and they are awesome to deal with.

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Re: Capital One Auto Navigator Success

Congrats on the new set of wheels.  Always fun and exciting to get a new car.  Happy to hear that CapOne made it easy for you.  Now get out there and have some fun in your new car!

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