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Capital One Blank Check recent experiences?

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Capital One Blank Check recent experiences?

So I know this has been discussed often, but almost all the threads online are older in general..


Anyone use this recently? I was approved for 21k at 2.9 percent. My car just died so I was looking for a low or no money down alternative.. 


I do understand all the LTV stuff, so this question isn't in regards to 'if its stupid' to use it, or whatnot. specifically I am looking for people who have used this recently and what their experience was... I noticed on Cap1s site they had a lot of 'preferred dealers' -- are they as difficult to work with as some of the stories I have read on here about dealers?


What about Carmax? Anyone use them?



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Re: Capital One Blank Check recent experiences?

I've used a C1 blank check in the past. Very simple. Received the check from C1 via FedEx. Comes with instructions. You have to buy from one of their preferred dealerships and cannot buy private. Shop as though you're paying cash. Fill out the check and sign it and go home.

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