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Capital one auto financing!!

Re: Capital one auto financing!!

Capital One Auto Finance must be getting more lenient... which is great for me!  I have a 594 credit score with accounts in collections, 60k in student loan debt, etc., and thought there was no way I'd get approved.  But I did!  I got approved for a $30k loan at a 13.29% interest rate.  Waiting on my check to come in the mail any day now!!!!  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Capital one auto financing!!

I just did the Cap1 blank check on a 28K truck and didn't have a problem with the dealer accepting the check. The dealership did try to get me financing (against my wishes) so I did end up with 8 additional inquiries but besides that everything went smoothly. Good luck.

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Re: Capital one auto financing!!

Holy cow....I'm afraid to apply because it's going to hurt my credit. My FICO is 582 and I applied for Wells Fargo auto finance and they turned me down. Just so sick of getting rejected. I'm guessing i have a better chance with capital one right?
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Re: Capital one auto financing!!

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Re: Capital one auto financing!!

I accepted a capital one blank check 1 year ago and I have not had any issues. I picked out my car u can go to any dealer that accepts cap one auto and its like a cash transaction it was seamless. i pay my bill everymonth on time and never had any issues.

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Re: Capital one auto financing!!

This is originally from 2012 Time to lock it.

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