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Credit Score with Autos??

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Credit Score with Autos??

So over the past 12 months I have been working hard paying off old bills, having collections removed from my credit, etc all trying to raise my credit score so I could get a mortgage. The magical score in the eye of mortgage lenders is around 620 so that's the number I have been stuck on for a year now....


With that said, What is the typical score needed to purchase a new vehicle? Is there one or does the credit just reflect the interest rate you will get? Of course the higher the better, but what could I expect with my score of 605??

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Re: Credit Score with Autos??

With Auto Loans, there’s no magical number, but rather tiers. The tier (or score group) will basically determine what kind of rates you’ll get. Of course this is only based on your score, and anything else on your report can affect an approval (such as a prior repo).

An example of score tiers would be:
Superprime: 781 - 850
Prime: 661 - 780
Nonprime: 601 - 660
Subprime: 501 - 600
Deep subprime: 300 - 500

Of course it will also vary by lender and dealership, but obviously the higher your score, the better your chances of an approval and a decent rate. Good luck!


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