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DCU Autoloan and CC Approval

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DCU Autoloan and CC Approval

Got instant approval for DCU Auto Loan for my requested amount of 20K and offered a credit card for 5k over the phone.


They only require my recent paystub and a membership application, of course. And the purchase agreement within 45 days (I will likely buy through Carvana). 


They pulled Equifax FICO 5 (I knew score beforehand).

My score was 786

Income over 70k.

No derogs or BK7

%1 utilization

$100 payments

8 CC's

1 education loan HP in the past year. 

They offered me %3.74 APR with a promise from me to set up direct deposit within 90 days (they check every month, apparently). Agent said this was their top tier rate. 

CC at %10.75 APR


An overall seamless process that only took 10 minutes.

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Re: DCU Autoloan and CC Approval

Congrats and Thank you for the DP's
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