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Frustration with Carmax and Carvana

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Frustration with Carmax and Carvana

First I want to say hello and glad to see if this is a good alternative to focus on my credit since buying a home just went out the window that is to these companies.

Long ago I was "preapproved," via Credit Karma. So I took the chance to look and was denied, ok thank you. However, approx 10+ letter come in about looking at my credit and it plummeted with out my knowledge because I did automatic pay.


however, just April, I sold the car I had and was looking for a vehicle at Carmax and same answer. Letters are still coming and I did not even know the finance companies were even asked and now 12 hard inquiries or more.


I had a $372,000 debt last year, sold the home for $361,000, nothing for my pockets because in the end tenants destroyed house meaning I had to pay.


I am now $72,000 in debt, but &59,000 is going to gone as of 5/20/2022 because 100% disabled unemployable Veteran. So since I cannot use my BA because I cannot work, I am waiting it and a true blessing.


Leaving $12,000, but I sold my car and paid in full so $8,000 dollars gone. Leaving almost $4000.



$2975 paid T-Mobile 

$975 paid medical

soo yea I mention this because I am trying to get a vehicle and with all that took care they want a co-signer.


it takes just too long for thing to be fixed on the credit report and a score of 435 is not a score to accommodate that o paid!!! Why do we have wait so long for everything but they want that money fast.


thank you letting me share and hey just sends prayers if able and God Bless.

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Re: Frustration with Carmax and Carvana

Good luck.  Seems like you are on your way to being dug out.

Rebuild started in 2014  -  $100k unsecured credit in 2017  -  $400k unsecured credit in 2022.


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