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Honda recent grad program

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Honda recent grad program

The wife and I will be buying a new Pilot hopefully in next couple of months.  Noticed that Honda is offering .9% financing to "well qualified" buyers OR to recent college grads with certain proof of job, income, diploma, etc.  My wife got an Associates degree last year but  I'm the main income source for the family.  Her scores are also up in the 720 range which might get her into Tier 1 with Honda.  I really can't figure out why my scores are always about 25-30 points lower -- we have the exact same information on our CR's -- we've done all credit jointly for 20 + years.


Anyway, with me being the main source of income but her being the recent grad, can they structure the deal around her, but include my income?



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Re: Honda recent grad program

I think the dealer can work something out. Negotiate a good price on the car, 20% off MSRP would be a good target but don't settle for less than 15% off. Then work the 0.9% into the deal.

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