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How do you go about negotiating?

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Re: How do you go about negotiating?

unfortunately the best way is to call and ask a salesman, or you can go to the dealership, drive through the lot and try to find personal opinion is to email in a lead, internet sales managers are normally people who can pull up inventory, sales logs, dealer trade logs and will normally be up front and honest about the availability of a vehicle. myself, i'm always up front with my customers, if i lose a sale because of it, so be it, but atleast i show that i'm an honest salesman.

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Re: How do you go about negotiating?

Thank you all for the advice, I have decided to change my mind and go with a Ford Focus SE instead. The people at the Ford dealerships around here were a lot better than at the Chevrolet around here. I negotiated the price down some already and I think I will be going back tonight and getting the car.

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Re: How do you go about negotiating?

When I bought DW's car I knew I hit bottom when the sales manager let me walk off the lot.  He called the next day, said he could do $85 lower on the price of the car and would not entertain anything below that, I could take it or leave it.  The price was about $2,000 below the "average" selling price and was a hard color/package combo to find.  

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