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Interest rate question


Interest rate question

I recently started looking around for a used car and was wondering if anyone knew the interest rates I could come to expect


Some History:

I have a 700 myfico score

I had a chapter 7 bankruptcy that was dismissed on October 07

My credit has no negative marks, all removed except for bankruptcy 


Just want to be ready if the dealer comes back to me with a high interest rate and tells me what they have for my score

Also does it make more sense to go to a bank or credit union to apply for a loan and will I even get approve from them with a bankruptcy 

Thanks all 

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Re: Interest rate question

Without a doubt, go to a credit union and apply. I actually suggest applying for more than one to rate shop. Apply at the dealership last, and be sure to let them know what rate you got approved for. They love to beat rates. For example if you got approved for 4.5% tell them you got approved for "about 4%, but you can't remember at the moment". They'll try to go below that.


As far as your chances of approval, it really is hard to tell with the recent bankruptcy. It could go either way. I'd take the chance if I were you.

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Re: Interest rate question

thanks for the info

Also was wondering, would a larger down payment towards the car increase my chances of getting a loan or would going for a cheaper car say $20,000 as opposed to $25,000 work better 

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Re: Interest rate question

Was your BK dismissed or discharged? It makes a big difference.


Yes, a larger down payment will help. Definitely do as suggested above and shop your rates with CU's

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