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Is it harmful to have an open dispute while getting approved through BMW Financial?

Is it harmful to have an open dispute while getting approved through BMW Financial?

We have to purchase a new car because of a recent "total loss" during a collision. We are a one car family, and have decided that the BMX x7 ticks all of our boxes. We have one big bad remaining after a lot of repair work in the form of a charge-off from a small synchrony bank home furnishings credit card. I attempted a GW email this past week and was denied by the office of the president, but may continue attempting in the future.


I was going to dispute based on some facts below, but didn't want the dispute to be a larger red flag than the actual charge-off of around $750.00. Our top auto fico 8's are 686 for my spouse, and 636 for me (mine may still climb some). I suspect once it's reflected that it's 0 balance we will see a small jump as well.


Any thoughts on if a dispute is worse than a bad account when reviewing for an autoloan in general, or specifically with BMW FS?


Reasons we will dispute:

1) We had a verbal agreement with a phone rep that they wouldn't charge-off account if a large percentage of the account was paid during the convo. We did, and they still charged off the account.

2) We never received physical statements, a card, or any mailings, and they still have our address wrong. To this day I don't have an account number I can reference.

3) They continue to show a balance even though the CA (it wasn't sold, just assigned to a CA) reports that it's paid in full and have given me a letter stating that it is.

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