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Mercedes Benz


Mercedes Benz

I am looking for community insight for Mercedes Benz

I got mine done at a local community credit union for 1.99 60 month 734 Equifax (not sure which score model) because I know MBFS dosent offer same rates unless you buy CPO

For those who actually finance their NEW car through MBFS, what was the rate ? This is not really important but just trying to guage what's the lowest rate anyone could get on a new car as oppose to a CPO

My understanding is the lowest they would go is 3.99 for excellent credit and anything less than that is for cerfieid pre owned cars only and not new
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Re: Mercedes Benz

I'm looking to get into a Benz from our Audi Q7, not sure what MBFS teirs/rates are but **bleep** 1.99% is awesome.  What credit union?

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Re: Mercedes Benz

The lowest I've heard from them is 3.99 in new cars. When I sold cars - this was from customers in the excellent range. 

I would honestly just stick with the 1.99 you got that's amazing. (congrats on that by the way) I honestly hardly doubt they could even try to beat it. Unless it was pre-certified which I have heard of the 1.99 in.


You could shop around credit unions, but I feel like you may get a hard pull from the them and be disappointed. Hope that helps and good luck on your new car!

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Re: Mercedes Benz

Recent Benz owner here financed via MBFS.

Purchased 6/26/2018 in Texas — brand new GLC 300. Thin auto history (this is the first car I bought under my name) but have good credit scores (797 EQ, 801 TU) and $24K of downpayment + trade-in (2012 Jetta).

Rate offered was 3.69% for 72mo. The financing guy said that that was the lowest rate they offer.

Hope this helps.
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