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Motorcycle Financing

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Motorcycle Financing

Got approved through Harley Davidson financial but because of my score 624 they said I was a tier 7 the lowest and would need 20% down and pay 17% interest. Any recomendation who might have better rates ect?

Fico scores 6/1/14 Ex 680 Eq 668 TU 692

Cap 1 Unsecured $750 / Cap 1Secured $200 / Kay's $300 / BOA $500 partial secured / Badcock account $1,200

Denied: Kohls, Discover IT, Barclays, DCU
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Re: Motorcycle Financing

Have a local credit union you can try? Motorcycles are typically harder than autos in general, but CUs can come through esp. if you have a relationship with them.

For an urgent question Monday thru Fridays, feel free to email me directly remembermyfico //at// gmail /dot/ com if you need a response in 24 hours.
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