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My First Lease

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My First Lease

Hi There,


I just leased my first car (details on the approval thread) and I came here to see about some wording in my contract.


The whole 10 days to secure financing thing or bring the car back.  Is this standard? 

 would be very surprised if they did this since they offered us the best deal and gave us tier 1.


Also, as for a lease return fee.  Is this aka the "disposition" fee?


Anybody have any experience with Toyota leasing? Returns specifically.


Before I receive comments, I am a long time myfico member and have been here since the rebuilding stage.  Thanks to this site, I have removed baddies, got credit cards, bought a house, and now leased a car. Having said that,  I noticed A LOT of people are against leasing.  I am not looking for comments on how I made a huge mistake yada yada.  I am looking for folks with experience who can help with some good advice.




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