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NFCU Auto Refi

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NFCU Auto Refi

We are still in the process of moving all of our banking over to NFCU from our old credit union.  My wife and I have a discharged Ch-7 BK from this past April and it was filed 1 year ago.  We have since re-established our credit with two secure credit cards (Discover IT and NFCU) and have purchased two vehicles, one through GM Financial and the other through our old credit union. 


I know NFCU has told me I have to wait 1 year post discharge for any of their unsecured credit products which is fine, but does anyone know if their auto loans are the same criteria?  The current rate through our old credit union is 8.5% for 66.  I'd like to lower the term if possible and of course get a better rate if possible.  Scores are 644 TU and 620s for EQ and EX.  I'd eventually like to get our GM Financial financed vehicle refinanced with NFCU as well.

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Re: NFCU Auto Refi

Op, sorry there hasn't been a response yet. I have not found definitive info on this. If NFCU told you to wait a year for the unsecured products, then I would caution it could be a year for the loan. However, being that it is a different product, it could be different. Why not call and see if they'll give you answer to this question as well? It can't hurt.

If they do not give you an answer and you need it bad enough, I guess you can chance it.

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