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Need some help!

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Need some help!

Hello, new to the forum.


Quick explanation of my situation:

I'm a 21 year old full time college student with little credit (have made payments on a student loan, but that is all.) I live and go to school in Tennessee, and my parents live on a farm in Pennsylvania. On the way up to work on the farm for the summer, my car blew a head gasket and I had to use my AAA membership to have it towed the rest of the way. The cost to have it repaired was more than the value of my car, so I sold it to a junkyard for 400 bucks. I desperately need to get a reliable vehicle so that I can make it home at the end of the summer and resume school.



Now, I have been unemployed for a few months. I do receive loans from school that are specifically for living expenses, and like I previously stated, I work on the farm during the summer. However, it isn't technically a "job." My father just pays me a cut from the sweet corn and tomatoes that we sell, usually $2,000+ depending on how well we do.


What I'm wondering is with a $500-1000 dollar down payment and a co-signer, is it possible for me to be financed for a small/midsize pickup in the $7,000-$9,500 range? I'm factoring in sales tax and tags and the gas to get home as well, hence the $500-1000 down payment (gotta be able to afford those!) I do have income, I just don't know a way to prove it. I will also find another part time job when I return home. This is my first time financing a vehicle.

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Re: Need some help!

Without a verifiable income I don't believe anyone is going to finance you, co-signer or not. Is there a chance that you could get your cosigner to be primary on the loan and you be secondary? You could then make the payments on the account and get credit for the account also. Only other way is to buy a 1K, or whatever you can afford for cash,  car and use it to get back. In your area of the country you should be able to find something from a private buyer that would work for you.

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